We never heard of anything called “fake news” until Trump came on the scene. Now anything that doesn’t flatter or praise Donald Trump is fake news, in his mind. All news organizations are fake news other than Breitbart and Fox and he is starting to question the news reporting on Fox.

I find it interesting that we are led to believe that all other news organization have suddenly switched from factual reporting that they have done for years to now making up lies and conspiracy stories. That mostly target Trump.

Huffington Post started in 2005

CNN started in 1980

ABC News started in 1945

NBC News started in 1940

CBS News started in 1927

New Yorker Magazine started in 1925

Time Magazine started in 1923

BBC started in 1922

The Washington Post started in 1877

The New York Times started in 1851

So all of these news organizations, some that started more than 100 years ago, started just so they could report fake news on Donald J Trump. That is what Trump would like everyone to believe. They don’t need to lie about Trump. Trump does enough of that all by himself. Everyone just reports the things he says and does.

Funny how we never had fake news until we had a fake president….

And if that’s not bad enough, Donald Trump takes credit for things other people do but never takes responsibility for the things he actually does, unless it’s positive, which it rarely is. This is nothing new. It’s a habit he has had since childhood. As a kid Trump was that annoying Eddie Haskell kid.

He even had the audacity to claim credit for creating the term “fake news”, which is just one more lie in a string of lies he tells just about every day.

“BuzzFeed News media editor Craig Silverman was in fact the person who popularized the term “fake news” before Trump got his greasy paws on it. Silverman first started using it in 2014 while he was running a research project at Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism and later made it a big part of his beat when he moved to BuzzFeed in 2015.” You can see the article about this here https://www.washingtonian.com/2019/10/02/trump-claims-he-invented-the-term-fake-news-an-interview-with-the-guy-who-actually-helped-popularize-it/

And in this article:

“During his first year in office, Trump averaged more than a daily use of the word “fake,” a CNN analysis of his tweets found, and while his use of the word “fake” was occasionally applied to such things as the Russia dossier, it was almost always directed at the news media as an insult.

Over time, examples of the phrase have popped up here and there, but Google Trends shows it didn’t become commonly cited until Trump essentially made it so:

“Fake news” was dubbed the “Word of the Year” for 2017 by the Collins Dictionary, which found that the term’s usage had risen by 365 percent since the 2016 election. But if Trump helped popularize the misuse of the term, he didn’t invent it.

During the 2016 campaign, “fake news” was used to describe actual fabricated news stories from websites that publish hoaxes, as well as from hyper-partisan websites purporting to offer real news. Some of those stories — including false scoops about Pope Francis endorsing Trump and Hillary Clinton selling weapons to ISIS — went viral on Facebook in the final months of the election. Overwhelmingly, the stories tended to favor Trump.

Such revelations might have been used to question the legitimacy of Trump’s electoral win, but once elected, Trump weaponized the term, turning its meaning on its head. Instead of using it to describe a specific corrupt phenomenon (which, again, overwhelmingly aided his candidacy), he used it to discredit the non-fake news sources that might keep his power in check. With the help of his 48 million Twitter followers and the most powerful political platform in the world, his campaign to transform “fake news” into an all-occasion put-down has worked, at least by some measures.”

Read the rest of the article here: https://psmag.com/social-justice/how-trump-weaponized-fake-news-for-his-own-political-ends

Now because of Trump’s divisiveness, it’s getting harder and harder to know what is real, what is satire, what is a conspiracy theory, and what is fake. Trump supporters believe everything the says without fact checking any of it and the rest of us don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth, especially after fact checking.

This divide is going to be hard to repair and all because Trump needed his ego stroked.

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