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“Everybody’s saying they’re going to leave Twitter now, like that’s going to show Musk who’s boss. It’s not. It’s just going to mean that intelligent, decent people have one less place to go. We need to stand and fight, not run away. Boycotts don’t work on this scale. Leaving Twitter hurts people who want to spread good ideas and truth, it doesn’t hurt a billionaire, it doesn’t hurt the Right, it just means there’s less truth, less progress, and more of everything we hate.”

Elon Musk has offered 43 BILLION to buy Twitter, but word out there is that he doesn’t have that much in disposable cash and will need to look for financial assistance. How can you offer money that you don’t have?

Musk is a narcissist just like Donald Trump; The whole world is about the word “me” to them both.

“Musk put things bluntly. “I am not playing the back-and forth game,” he wrote. “I have moved straight to the end. It’s a high price and your shareholders will love it. If the deal doesn’t work, given that I don’t have confidence in management nor do I believe I can drive the necessary change in the public market, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder. This is not a threat, it’s simply not a good investment without the changes that need to be made.”

Yeah, right. It IS a threat.

“Since making my investment I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative [of free speech] in its current form,” Musk wrote. “Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company. Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it.”

Free speech, to Musk, means the opportunity to say whatever someone says, even if it’s not true, which is why he will remove the Twitter ban on Donald Trump. Imagine that!!

Is this why Musk is buying Twitter? Is Trump giving Musk money so that he can buy Twitter?

And to use the word “moral” in the same sentence as Trump is pure ignorance. Donald Trump has never, in his life, exhibited any sense of morality.

Trump’s own social media site, “Truth Social,” which is such an ironic name, where they post “truths” and “retruths” (SMH and LOL) instead of tweets and retweets, is getting only 40 percent of the traffic that he got on Twitter. Perhaps that is because most “Libs” refuse to go there, and any who try to join either get denied access or get banned right after joining.

“Elon buys china shop, whistles for bull.”

Boy, ain’t that the truth!!!

Will I leave Twitter? I’m not sure. I’m going to stand by and see what happens.

Well, I may not have to worry about it. Just as I was getting ready to publish this post, word came around that Musk has put this project on hold… But he still plans on buying Twitter. I wonder if this means his financing fell through or is having second thoughts due to the criticism he is receiving?

“Musk, who also runs Tesla, used Tesla shares as collateral to secure loans for the Twitter purchase. But Tesla’s share price has been battered along with other tech stocks in recent weeks. If Tesla stock keeps falling, he may not even have enough shares left to guarantee the loans.”

Musk is another narcissist who claims to have unlimited funds and may not at all. And then there is “I alone can fix it!”



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Cindi Dean Wafstet

Cindi Dean Wafstet

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