Learning, Observing and Experiencing Christianity

Apparently according to too many people, mostly fundamentalist Christians, they don’t believe that human beings existed prior to Jesus being born. Which is so naive isn’t not funny… But I’ve heard these people insist that Adam and Eve were literally the first man and woman and that happened just a few years (some even allow that it was a few hundred years) before Jesus was born. If you read the bible and the genealogy of Adam, people get the impression that you can trace back from themselves to Adam, because the Bible says so. But the genealogy of Adam is missing a lot of links, not to mention dates and places. Just because it’s in the Bible, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

If Adam and Eve truly were the first humans, that would mean their children bedded and conceived children with their siblings (incest) and if not, where the hell did the other people come from?

Religion is much older than Christianity, humanity is much older than 2000 years.. Pagan religions, essentially all non-Christian religions, other than Islam, by their own definitions, are much older. Common sense and education are two things lacking in these people.

The story of Adam and Eve is just one of the stories in the Bible that has never made sense to me. Even at age 9, I got into trouble for questioning it. I was old enough to know that it took a man and a woman to create a baby (although at that age I wasn’t quite sure of how it worked). In my Methodist church, we were only taught that Adam and Eve had just three sons… Cain, Able and Seth. It was much later that I learned other churches used scripture that included “and many sons and daughters”, hence the incest reference.

Of course, I raised my hand in Sunday school and asked, “if Adam and Eve were the “parents” of mankind that meant they had children and grandchildren. If they had grandchildren, that meant their three sons were married and had wives and also had had children and grandchildren….” At this point the teacher nodded. “So,” I continued, “where did the wives come from?”

The teacher turned white and then red with anger and screamed at me that I was being rude and impertinent, and I lacked faith and should just accept what the Bible was telling me. And then she demanded that I read the Bible for myself. So I did. They had given us a little chart to mark off each chapter of each book in the Bible and in a year I had read the whole thing. It didn’t answer any questions for me, since a lot of it I didn’t understand at age 9. In fact, in just added more questions that have continued to grow over the years.

Later I would learn that some churches taught that Adam and Eve were not actually the very FIRST humans on earth, there were others including Adam’s first wife, Lilith. Now, Lilith is often called the very first feminist because she refused to submit to Adam (and essentially to God) and demanded to be equal. This pissed off God (“so saith the Lord”) who banished Lilith from the Garden of Eden and turned her into a demon, saying that ate she little children, just so others were fear and hate her. “The others”, those who had also disappointed God, were condemned to live outside of Eden and without God’s glory. Adam and Eve were then considered to be the first ‘righteous’ human’s in God’s new covenant in paradise (The Garden of Eden). Until they ate from the Tree of Knowledge which has always been blamed on Eve, and all women ever since. Now it seems to me that if God is all-seeing, all knowing, wouldn’t he know that the snake was going to enlighten Eve and encourage her to eat the fruit (the bible never really says it’s an apple…)? Seems to me this was a set up and Eve was framed….

And this, apparently, according to some teachings, is where the wives of Adam and Eve’s sons came from… the others.

Another story that has always bugged me was the one of how Eve was created. Adam was put into a deep sleep and one of his ribs was removed… and that was used to create Eve. There are people still to this day who believe that all men have one less rib than women because of this Bible story. That would indicate that all embryos are male at conception, but science has proven that all embryos are female at conception, which is why men have nipples. And we all know that nipples are needed to breastfeed babies. And since men rarely (although it’s not impossible) produce milk to breastfeed, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to have nipples. Gender kicks in when the X or Y chromosome kicks in and that determines if the child will be male or female. So it’s impossible for men to have one less rib, unless there is some kind of birth defect.

The bible was written at a time when neither history nor science was a known subject. People were trying to make sense of the world around them based on what little they knew or experienced, and that was pretty limited. All cultures made up stories to explain their world, and Christianity wasn’t any different. Some of these were based on observation and some were based on stories from other cultures.

The Bible was never meant to be a history book or science book and yet there are people today who use it just that way. And the Bible was supposed to be updated as the world evolved. But that never happened. Church leaders learned early on on how well fear and guilt worked to control the masses. This was one of the first things we were taught in Theology 101. Why mess with something that works so well?

The last church I was a member of, in fact, did the exact opposite of what I was told when I was 9. Don’t worry about reading the bible (or history, or science), we will tell you everything you need to know.. about everything. Yes, it was an Evangelical church, that encouraged kids to marry young and discouraged kids from going to college, unless it was an Evangelical Christian college.

These are the same people who are influencing Trump and GOP political policies and whose primary goal is to force everyone to be a god-fearing, uneducated, obedient Christians, who will not question biblical teachings or American politics.



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Cindi Dean Wafstet

Cindi Dean Wafstet

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