The Fallout from Roe vs Wade

Cindi Dean Wafstet
5 min readJun 25, 2022

I’ve spent the past two days reading and watching about what the so-called Supreme Court did based on the desires of just 25% of the country. But when it comes down to it, it’s actually based on their own personal wants and beliefs.

So this is my own rant about it. I’m pissed. I’m hurt. I’m worried and I’m scared. I’ll write more about why in a future post. I still need some time to process how my own history fits in with it all.

Do you ever get the idea that the Republicans are trying to kill us off?

First, they deny that wearing masks will make a difference with Covid, and they don’t want anyone to get vaccinated, and people continue to die from Covid.

Now they’re what they’re telling everybody that no one can have abortions. They don’t seem to understand what all is involved under the umbrella term of “abortion .”By removing this option, a lot of women are going to die from illegal back-alley abortions and from pregnancy-related problems. Banning abortion will never “ban” abortions; it just bans safe and legal abortions. And many will die because of it.

Next, they’re going to tell us we can’t have birth control, Thomas Clarence has already hinted at that, and they don’t even stop to think about the grand scheme of things as they make these choices.

What do they think is going to happen when all of a sudden there is no birth control, no abortion, a loss of babies being born, not to mention all of the mothers who are going to die from one variation or another of giving birth.

In my family history, I have one ancestor who was married ten times. Why? Because each new, young wife died in childbirth, sometimes the baby died too, sometimes it survived. One wife managed to have three babies before she finally died in childbirth. The last wife survived after giving birth to several children, only to die ten years later from cancer. Is this what our future holds for us under the thumb of religious fanatics? Women dying, husbands remarrying, and a lot of motherless children? Will polygamy be the next thing pushed on men and women to assure men have a sex partner and children have a motherly figure in their life?

Next, I heard they would eliminate The Equality Marriage in the Act for same-sex marriage.

After that, they want to get rid of interracial marriages. Now isn’t it interesting that Thomas Clarence is in one of those himself, so is this his way of getting rid of a troublesome wife he no longer wants?

I read that some conservative Republicans want to ban anyone who is not Christian. So what does that mean? Which version of Christianity are they demanding? And what about those of us who want nothing to do with any form of Christianity? I read one guy say they should go out and shoot all atheists; after all, isn’t that why they are stockpiling all those guns? I’m wondering… how will they know which ones of us are Atheists? It’s not like we wear the mark of the beast on our foreheads. We save that for Christian Republicans who wear red Maga hats.

Who would be next; the Pagans, the Muslims, Hindus, the Buddhists, and Jews? Are they going to go right down the line and eliminate all of us so that they don’t feel threatened by someone who has different ideas and beliefs? And you know that people of color and LGBTQ people will be right at the head of the line.

What about those Christians who are not in the same denomination? After all, the Catholics don’t like the Mormons, and the Baptists don’t like the Catholics.

When will this stop?

The United States is not a Christian country; it has never been; unfortunately, the way things are going, it looks like it end up being one, if the right-wingers get their way.. But it was never designed to be. Our constitution says freedom of religion or no religion at all, not freedom of Christianity.

It just boggles my mind that they have a right to dictate to others what to believe and how to live. All women have to have babies because they demand it. I find it ironic that when pro-choices said “my body my choice,” they said no, only God could decide that. But then they stole the phrase about having to wear facemasks for Covid.

They don’t seem to care that those babies who will be born because these righteous Christians saved them from the evil abortionist would go on the to be shot at school, church, a movie theater, or the mall.

What about all the parents who are having trouble feeding their children? We have a formula shortage going on right now, which makes it hard for parents to feed their babies. Do they think God will wave his magic wand and miraculously ensure there is enough formula? Yes, I know all conservative Christians believe that all women are able and willing to breastfeed and that all women should stay home, out of sight, doing just that, instead of traipsing around to school and jobs and businesses and political offices. So Amy Coney Barrett, who voted for this, could be out of a job.

How many babies will die from not getting the nutrition they need?

We know how expensive food is right now; it’s only going to get worse, and what will happen when kids go without meals (it’s already happening), and there are too many kids to feed, and schools aren’t able to handle that the numbers of children… are crime rates going to go up?

Conservative Republicans don’t seem to consider any of that; all they care about is saving the babies (coming from the women) or we got to control women (coming from the men).

They don’t stop to see what this will do to the country, or they don’t care. Republicans have a long, LONG history of not caring about others and no desire to help anyone other than themselves.

It will get harder and harder to sustain this many people globally. Yet, Republicans want to have more babies so women are no longer able to be competitive in the workplace and politics, and Christians want them so that they can have more Warriors for God. Then you factor in the race card… white supremacists are hoping black women WILL die from pregnancy, childbirth, and botched illegal abortions; that way, egotistical white men won’t be “replaced .”If there is ever a group that needs to be replaced, it’s white supremacists.

None of that makes sense. Republicans don’t seem to realize that women make up 50% of this country and contribute 50% to the economy. Once you take all that away, our economy is going to tank. How do you get across to people like this? we can vote away their rights temporarily, and then they will come back again even more potent. The pendulum has to swing back and forth, and right now, it’s swinging back and forth very quickly. Something that needs to change. I believe the answer is education. But they must stop listening to Trump, their pastors, and Qanon and meet us halfway.



Cindi Dean Wafstet

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