Things you can do to make a difference during Covid-19

1. Stay at home

2. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power.

3. Find balance. Learn about the serious stuff, but take time to smile, dance, sing and laugh.

4. Take care of your own health…. get extra sleep, eat as well as you can, drink lots of water and tea (don’t get dehydrated), take deep breaths, meditate, exercise.

5. Lower your standards, especially if you are staying at home with multiple people, especially children, especially if you are not use to having everyone around 24/7. Things may not be as tidy, quiet or calm as you are use to or would like. Appreciate that you have all of these people in your life rather than expecting them to live up to certain standards.

6. Find ways to reach out and communicate. Text, email, post on social media, connect on Skype or other video apps, phone calls, send cards, write letters.

7. If you can, make surgical masks and donate to hospitals (put into zip lock bags with your name and number).

8. If you can, donate money to help buy hospital gowns and gloves for first responders.

9. Donate money to charities that help hospitals, fire fighters, paramedics, and police officers.

10. Donate food and money to food banks. Especially needed is baby formula and diapers.

11. Talk to your family members, your spouse, your roommate, your children, your parents. Share your fears and listen to theirs. Don’t try to fix, just listen and empathize.

12. Order food to go from local restaurants. The chains will survive. The others will be struggling and many will have to close down and will never open again.

13. When you go grocery shopping, buy extra for neighbors who may have difficulty getting out.

14. Give blood, if you can. Coronavirus has not been shown to be transmitted through blood transfusion.

15. Use the time to learn something new. A new hobby. A new language. Study history. Read classic books. Paint with Bob Ross. Practice Tai Chi.



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Cindi Dean Wafstet

Cindi Dean Wafstet


Writer, reader, teacher, student… Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Widow Resident of Washington State